Mark liked to think he embraced the Buddhist concept of impermanence, but he wished it would leave his actual life well enough alone. Instead, everything was about to change.

Second chances are hard to come by in Gerry Pirani’s poignant new novel, The Search for Intelligent Life on Earth: A Story of Love.

When nineteen-year-old Mark visits his estranged father in Europe, he meets Jacques, an enigmatic blue blood known for his performance as a female impersonator.

Their attraction instantaneous, Mark struggles to reconcile his strong, political beliefs with his equally intense desire for Jacques. After a near tragedy, Mark and Jacques begin a tumultuous love affair that threatens to fracture under the weight of its own volatility.

As tempers rage and jealousies ignite, Mark and Jacques are slowly torn apart. Mark unwittingly embarks on a spiritual journey that starts with his Native American roots and ends at the heart of his own intelligence.

Eventually Mark and Jacques meet up again in England. While their passion is instantly rekindled, Jacques now hesitates to trust his heart. Can people really change?